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To celebrate the end of the year, the collection Orient Excess invites you to an exotic trip in the snow-covered steppes of the Far North. These plains immaculate, extended as far as the eye and covered with ice inspired Giorgio Armani Beauty in creating an atmosphere polar with a make-up pure and intense.
Linda Cantello, International Make-Up Artist for Giorgio Armani has created a collection of make-up for a great-looking complexion opal enhanced by subtle touches and eye-catching crimson and red. to achieve this bold contrast you have created new exclusive products: MASTER WINTER GLOW - a new shade to the iconic pure complexion perfector FUSION MASTER MAKE-UP, a palette star ORIENT EXCESS face and eyes and new variants of red to turn on the lips and nails.

ORIENT EXCESS is the art of harmonious contradiction.

The glow Armani, the radiant colorful 'healthy glow' with a unique brilliance and subtle effect, now offers a whole new dimension. With the new line of make-up Orient Excess, expertise on the flesh is satisfied by the innovative glow mat.
In order to highlight the complexion of porcelain, MASTER WINTER GLOW came out with a new feather 0, devoid of pigments, incredibly pure and white. The revolutionary complexion perfector draped on the skin of the face veil as white as snow, light satin finish, which enhances the lightest complexion and acts as a primer on the other, to create a perfect brightness. Just a few drops of MASTER WINTER GLOW, to be used either as a base or finish, sculpt the face, creating a complexion that glows in a heavenly halo of light.

The Orient Excess line shows a new vision of femininity inspired by a trip to the Trans-Siberian cold winter in the far north. A bold contrasts of light:
- ORIENT EXCESS, to create the base of the look with a powder for a porcelain complexion and a trio of eyeshadows animals by one opulent look. - MASTER WINTER GLOW

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