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Cosmoprof Asia 2014, which was held on 12-14 November at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, attracted close to 60,000 visitors from all over the world. China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan were the top 5 Asian sources of visitors outside of Hong Kong. International attendees accounted for 64% of the total attendance with 38,059 visitors (up 1.3% compared to 2013) from 93 non-Asian countries. The strong international turnout was underlined by the big increase in representation from the USA and European countries such as Belgium, Denmark, Hungary and Sweden – together with emerging countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, South Africa and Turkey.
The international flavour of Cosmoprof Asia 2014 was confirmed by the 22 national and group pavilions. The biggest was the Korean pavilion (2,776 square metres), followed by the Italian group (2,329 square metres). A new pavilion under the California Trade Alliance featured 12 companies showcasing colour cosmetics, body and foot care products, brush and personal care products.
The international presence was further enhanced by the 8th International Buyer Programme which lined up one-to-one meetings for exhibiting companies with selected buyers from the Asia Pacific region. In terms of exhibitor number and size, it was the biggest ever show – 2,362 exhibitors (up 9% over 2013) from 42 countries and regions covering in excess of 81,500 square metres of exhibition space (up 7% over 2013). Exhibitors reported excellent results and were extremely impressed by the business opportunities in Asia.

It was the first year that Cosmoprof Asia launched the “Spot On Beauty” area, the new launchpad for innovative beauty brands in cosmetics, skincare, nail, hair and personal care. 146 brands from 17 countries and regions participated in 3,700 square meters at the Convention Hall. 70% are new exhibitors including Black Paint – Myyuki Co., Ltd (Japan), INTERCOSMETICS srl (Italy) and the Lotus (Korea).

Cosmoprof Asia 2014 also had a focus on Nail and Accessories - a dedicated zone located at Grand Hall and Foyer presented 124 companies representing the full spectrum from nail care to nail polish, and nail accessories to decorative tools.
The extensive product showcase was further enlivened by “International Nail Days”, a 3-day programme connecting nail professionals and promoting knowledge exchange at the Grand Hall main stage. Famous nail artists and industry experts from Japan, Korea and France shared with audience their know-how as well as the latest color trends, texture and technology in their respective country.


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