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For the next Christmas Dior imagines an entirely new color. The pure colors come into conflict with the gold emblematic of the Maison. Effects precious metals, pigments that reveal an absolute brilliance. Face, eyes, lips and nails light up, vibrate. For the first time, Dior reveals the effect "vibrato" on the skin: the shock of pure colors and color-soaked reflections golden. The shades gold sublimate the brightness of reds, pinks, browns ... From this contrast glamor, energy emerges unpublished. Extreme.

The vibrato couture lips.
In the heart of the Christmas Collection 2014 Dior unveils a lipstick1 bicolor: a technical feat in the service of the signature couture. the casket Diorific Golden Shock encloses two effects: a pure color, matt and his hologram as infused with gold. Carmine red, candy pink, coral or burgundy vibrate to the rhythm of a gold twist. The smile lights up, at most.

The vibrato couture nails.
More than a Top Coat, is a spell: in a single gesture, Diorific Golden Shock electrifies the manicure. Its delicate "leaves gold" multiply the elegance of vibrant red, the deep purple and pearl delicate nuances unpublished Diorific Vernis. A touch of splendor to be granted at will on the fingertips, over the vernis or nails nude
A look
on the eyelids, the colors are in harmony with their golden reflections. As a signature, the effect hammered gold joins Kaleidoscope of powders opaque, satin, iridescent ... Two unpublished 5 Couleurs palette, with the same duality. Overlaps intrigue, fascinate. Steel gray, ice silver and bronze intense intertwine with the effects platinum and white gold. Endless possibilities. The look becomes dark and yet remains dazzling. Plum intense pink taffeta weave a veil on the skin color couture enlivened by sequins and a golden light. The textures and effects highlight the nuances.

Click on the video above to see the beautiful film 'the enchanted factory' by Dior


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