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Cosmoprof 2015 proposes ambitious targets: the 48th edition will take place in Bologna - Cosmoprof March 20 to 23 and Cosmopack March 19 to 22 - and, increasingly, will position itself as the international event of Beauty for excellence, the center of trends and of information on the global world of Cosmetics. The exhibition will celebrate the 150 countries of the world participating in Cosmoprof with the project "150 ways to nurture the beauty", and it was linked with Milan Expo 2015. Synthesized by the advertising campaign that shows a woman wrapped in flags, the project will focus on ethnic beauty and diversity of the concept of beauty in different cultures.
the event will develop over the entire surface of the Bologna exhibition center, involving the best Italian and international companies and confirming its prestige worldwide. In addition to the 24 national pavilions of the last edition, will be joined this year by new, including the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands, offering companies and distributors participating in the event other business opportunities in major world markets.

Interesting for exhibitors who will participate is knowing that Cosmoprof organizes the "Road Show in Cosmoprof", presentations of international Fair, in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce and the embassies of various countries, in order to revive and update annually the parterre of foreign participation is essential for the crossings and extensions of the business. This year the road shows were held in South Africa, Qatar-Doha, Germany, Morocco, the United States, Peru, Korea.
more and more rich will be the International Buyer Programme which will involve 25 areas of the world and that will guarantee the exhibitors a direct contact with the operators concerned to the purchase of as many countries. Great attention to the news the hair industry. In its sixth year, On Hair reconfirms the hair show most awaited and will involve international cult designer: the confirmations of the most important hair designers who will make spectacular show and propose cuts cutting-edge avant-garde on the catwalks.
There will also be workshops of Hair Forum: Italian excellence that has had great success abroad with the direct testimony of leaders in the field of thick hair. Hair Ring, now in its fifth edition, will be organized with the fruitful collaboration of the Italian Chamber of hairdressing and will alternate on stage talent. It will be a real springboard for creative, that will show the public international Cosmoprof and their art, and highly charged proactive.

the initiatives for the cosmetic industry, a brand new project dedicated to the "Spa Experience" which will, in the increased square footage exhibition dedicated to this important sector, the organization of an "International Symposium SPA", a forum that will involve the prestigious newspapers and associations of reference. Workshops and seminars will also involve the industry Perfumery, with a focus on the future of the fragrance market in Italy and in the major markets.
Special shows will meet different business needs of each company. The Extraordinary Gallery, which collects the most advanced international trends, will be the ideal showcase for the launch of exclusive products and companies to present the cosmetics and beauty of the highest level. Return also the Beauty Spot on, dedicated to small companies producing niche products and innovative. For the first time also Cosmoprof Bologna 2015 will host the Green Village, a special area inside the pavilion dedicated to companies Natural and Organic. Among the innovations of the next edition, the Multi-Cultural Beauty Pavilion, the exhibition area dedicated to companies that produce products for specific ethnic group, a sector that is growing rapidly in the international economic scenario.
Many innovations and initiatives that will affect Cosmopack, "the show on the show" international reference point dedicated to the production chain of the beauty industry, which will open with a day in advance of Cosmoprof, allowing exhibitors packaging to make contact with over 2,000 companies exhibiting at Cosmoprof of finished product.
the 2015 edition will see strengthened the presence of the industry raw materials and paper, making Cosmopack scenario most comprehensive assess the state and the market of the entire production of cosmetics. Cosmopack confirmed for 2015 the role of must for the future and deepen the trend of the world of packaging and contracting business, thanks to the rich calendar of Trend Forum and the involvement of the most authoritative cabinets de tendence.
Back also for the third edition of the Cosmopack Factory, which this year will be devoted to mascara, and will play the entire production of this product. After the success of 2014, The Wall Eco-Beauty Edition will reward the most innovative products and trends presented in the event, with a focus Eco- sustainability.


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