Ever since 1995, Issey Miyake's pioneering fragrances are reinvented each summer by a guest artist. In 2017, the world-renowned French typographer Philippe Apeloig writes a new chapter in the creative saga (click here for visual video).
Letters, symbols and vibrant colors have always been key elements of Issey Miyake's vision. The 2017 Summer Editions offer an exciting, graphic translation of this modern aesthetics. “Movement is at the center of my work”, Philippe Apeloig says. To express the exhilarating freshness of the Summer Fragrances, he turns the streamlined shapes of their iconic bottles into sunny yellow letters. The names of the scents become bold, playful forms, dancing like white sails on a sea-blue background.

For her: radiantly feminine, the fruity floral scent opens with a splash of tangy grapefruit and lychee. Their freshness blends with a sparkling heart of passion fruit and guava. Subtly aquatic floral notes bring a softer, sensuous touch to the exotic cocktail. A silky vanilla infusion, rounded out with woody notes, suffuses the scent with sun-kissed warmth in the drydown.
For him: like its feminine counterpart, Alberto Morillas eases L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme into a sunny summer mood with a splash of exotic fruit. Fresh kiwi adds zest to the bracing top notes, faintly bitter grapefruit highlighted by aromatic coriander. The heart reveals fragrant pineapple sprinkled with sweet nutmeg. The perfumer adds depth and structure to the scent with a vibrant, woody accord of vetiver and cypress.

Info: http://www.isseymiyakeparfums.com

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