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Only the meals fed in school cafeterias, in Italy, there are about 49 million per month! In addition, the cost of meals in canteens in commercial catering.
Because of standard drinks in canteens or because we have "eyes bigger than belly" often leave on the table and in the plate tons of food, which inevitably become waste to manage, with a further cost to the community. On average, in Europe, in restaurants (both collective and commercial) generated 14% of food waste products along the way that makes the food from farm to table.
food waste is a waste of vital resources and stupid money for the community and for the individual families who are often paid twice: first as a food and then as waste.
the proposal is to help reduce this drain of resources when we eat out, bringing home what is advanced to be able to make a good snack or an appetizer for lunch or dinner the next . There are tools created specifically for the purpose:
- Milan Milan Catering Salvamerenda bag.
- in Italy the Good Food Bag by Legambiente.
It is anti-waste bags, made to bring home the portions not eaten in the restaurant or canteen bread, baked goods, unpeeled fruit, snacks, puddings and all the food in the pan. Suitable for contact with food, made in Italy, washable, reusable and recyclable (plastic).

Source: Legambiente

* the directory is GOURMET by the world in search of good food, accessible to all.


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