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It was on a larger-than-life voyage that Karl Lagerfeld invited his guests this Thursday, 3rd May 2018. Beneath the nave of the Grand Palais transformed into a cruise ship terminal, the La Pausa liner docked for the duration of a runway show. Majestic with its main bridge and two upper decks, it waits for the passengers to board before sounding its horn, lifting the anchor and sailing away to some Mediterranean port. "My earliest memory isn't of a boat, but of the sound of a boat", confided the designer.
The atmosphere is relaxed and happy: with children's party shoes or strappy sneakers on their feet, the travellers are already sporting their big round sunglasses, white tights and berets in tweed, cotton or sequins, ready to travel comfortably and in style, just as Gabrielle Chanel did. Their silhouette is a taste of holidays to come: short or long, it reveals the skin and a hint of waist, swathed in bright whites, sun-gorged pastel hues, and dazzling pinks and blues. Prints of boats or sharks' teeth, wave and porthole motifs, and aqua sequinned embroideries scintillating like the reflection of the sun on water, are like a call to the high seas. The tweeds and cotton poplins, the silk chiffons, the crêpes de Chine and georgette, the fishnet and the crochets, the denim and the leather, the PVC ennobled with feathers and braids... All define a welcome lightness, floaty yet warming beneath the balmy breezes.

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