It is everyday life that inspires the new SS 19 collection by Eleventy, in search of a new, formal, younger, more comfortable and modern concept. Hence it is launching the SOFT FORMAL style, that creates a dialogue between the business world and the leisure world.
"The inspiration of the SS19 collection is inspired by my everyday life and the study of the various moments of the day, which, for many of us starts at the gym. Why not transfer part of this world into our daily wardrobe?", explains Marco Baldassari, Eleventy founder and creative director.
Thus, the classic suit can be worn with a sweatshirt or a coloured jersey with a sporty matrix; the double-breasted jackets, in silk with metal buttons, can be worn over t-shirts and vintage denim; jogging pants mix with constructed jackets in valuable Italian fabrics, but rendered Active with windproof, water-repellent treatments, or detachable interiors designed for the travelling man. Contaminating the basic items with sporting details are the 60s tennis stripes and the vertical baseball stripes applied to sweaters, bomber jackets, and trousers.
The codes of the new Soft Formal style also change the concept of denim that becomes a luxury declined in elegantly cut and constructed jackets, in formal vests closed with buttons, also in metal, trousers and shirts made of fine Japanese selvedge canvas, subjected to exclusive ‘used’ treatments. While the style of military derivation turns into "utility" with a refined note.
These are the natural tones of sand, string, mastic and off-white as well as the shades of blue, grey, brown. Points of vibrant colours like lemon yellow mix together with gray or denim; green grass combined with brown or white; orange and red.

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