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The excitement priceless to walk the same streets, the same routes chosen by the great explorers of the past, trying to imagine the hard work, tenacity, excitement for the achievement of a goal considered impossible. Travel flavor of adventure, but realized today with confidence. Kel 12 - Arctic Team leads us in Antarctica, as well as the Drake Passage, the name of the first man to go at these latitudes in 1578.

through deserts, on top of the highest mountains, over oceans, beyond ice and forests. The fascination dall'incognito and the desire to get there first where no one else dared or was able to reach have always pushed the start of the greatest explorers and navigators of all time, who have turned the prow of their ships towards unexplored horizons , often putting at risk their own life. One of the most coveted destinations, Antarctica, the most remote area of the planet, the last to be discovered and explored: the most inhospitable, savage between the magnetic and the land over the centuries has attracted scores of brave men, moved by curiosity, ambition or love for the company at the limits of human possibilities. Among the many who have tried to reach and explore the white continent, only some were able to bind forever and inextricably your name to this land: Sir Francis Drake and James Cook, Roald Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton are certainly among them and the routes to be open to them come true today one of the most extreme and desired travel routes, really out of the list of the most jokes.

It is without doubt one of the journeys of life. A journey in total communion with and yet inhospitable nature of the magnetic South Pole, against the backdrop of majestic scenery made ​​of icebergs, ice fields and the deep blue sea: very little evidence of human life, because this is really the kind to become the main protagonist. Embark with Kel 12 - Arctic Team on the MS Fram, Hurtigruten ship in the fleet, of which 12 Kel's official agent in the brief Antarctic summer, cross the Drake Passage and past the border of 66 Ā° 33 'S latitude, reaching the Antarctic Circle: among the icebergs adrift, the peaceful bays and the majestic frozen canals, try to see the breath of a whale or orca dive, spotted colonies of penguins, seals, sea lions and the flocks of migratory birds every year during the Antarctic summer, gather here to breed and feed.
On board the same ship used in 1910 by Roald Amundsen to reach the South Pole, be filled eyes of the powerful manifestations of nature and the incredible day without night of the Antarctic summer .


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